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Selling Tools, Analytics, Inventory Tracking & Storefront Included
Paid Plan
$59.00 /mo


1.5% World's Lowest Selling Fee           Complete SEO           Social Media Marketing             Unlimited Product Listing           24/7 Seller Support                       Trusted By Thousands of Seller           Shopify API Integration        Worldwide Customer Base       Easy Product Shipping & Delivery Management               

Sellers get social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok & Youtube. Sellers get SEO backlinks, guest posting, content writing, keyword research & your products are listed on google shopping. Not only do we drive traffic to your products on everythingeshop but your own website too since we rank your products higher on google plus bring more customer to your own social media pages & sales for your products. Other marketplaces don’t do social media marketing or SEO for your products since other marketplaces want the customer to be there’s and not yours. This is why you never get the customer email or phone number once they purchase your products since its not your customer but the marketplaces customer. We listened to our sellers & provide you with the customers full contact information once you get a sale which gives the power back to the sellers & helps grow the sellers own business.

 Other marketplaces charge sellers listing fees, advertisement fees, Referral fee, etc. leaving them with 50-70% when they sell a product but we listened to our sellers and don’t take any other fee so when you sell a product you get to keep 98.5% of the sale plus we transfer the funds into your PayPal account in 1 day for fast payments. On other marketplaces, you can’t grow your business since its not your customer, store or platform but at everythingeshop the sellers has the power to grow their sales, customer list, website traffic & more. Sellers can list unlimited products and get Shopify API integration or CSV file to automatically upload products. You also get 24/7 seller support, trusted by thousands of Sellers & have a worldwide customer base. We are the peoples marketplaces so we listen to sellers & buyers to make our marketplace better so by joining today you will be joining a movement to give power back to the sellers. As a Seller on Everythingeshop, you will be able to grow your sales since the SMM & SEO we do for your products not only get you sales on everythingeshop but brings organic traffic & customer to the sellers own website.