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We created our 1% fee marketplace for high-volume experienced sellers & businesses that sell the best high quality products so they don’t have to pay $100-$1000 in selling fees every time they make a sale. Sellers can sell products that are $10, $100 or over $1000 without paying 15%-25% each time. This benefits sellers, customers & Everythingeshop by attracting the best high-quality sellers that price their products lower, sellers make more profit than other marketplaces & customers get low prices. We help sellers grow their business like no other marketplace and every customer is the seller's customer.  

Our marketplace provides sellers with the lowest selling fee in the world. Everythingeshop can make more money by taking 15%-25% of each sale like most platforms that work with buyers & sellers such as Amazon, eBay, Apple App Store, Uber, Airbnb, Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, Alibaba, food delivery services etc. but we decide not to so we can attract high-quality sellers who can grow their business & provide our customers with low prices. The more you sell does not mean the more you pay in fees & charging businesses high costs will reflect on the final customer price. Sellers can make more profit which lets companies grow & that is our mission at Everythingeshop. 


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